Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

//Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

The Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) is the premier event for State agencies, their federal partners and industry working in area of technology to support the Medicaid State operations. Each year the conference brings together Medicaid subject matter experts from the federal government, state governments, and industry to exchange ideas, learn about new developments in the field, and build relationships. The MESC has achieved significant growth in participation more than doubling in size from approximately 650 attendees in 2006 to almost 1,600 attendees in 2017. The theme for the MESC 2017 was B’more to encourage attendees to identify opportunities to increase their systems to provide increased efficiencies and improved services for participants. Attendee perception of the conference again resulted over 90% of the attendees rated the conference as “High/Medium Quality” across all of performance measures regarding educational content and networking opportunities.

The MESC heads west to Portland, Oregon for the 2018 conference. Please follow the link ( for information.

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