Systems Technology Advisory Group

//Systems Technology Advisory Group

For more than three decades, CMS has relied on state-based IT experts through its S-TAG as the primary means by which it obtains first-hand, IT-related information on state experiences and preferences regarding IT purchasing, challenges, opportunities and future trends. Comprised of state IT staff, one per federal region, as well as CMS staff, the S-TAG meets monthly to actively engage CMS on Medicaid system issues affecting the systems that support the Medicaid Management Information, Eligibility and Enrollment, health information technology.

Throughout 2017 NESCSO continued to provide administrative assistance to CMS. With CMS approval and lead by Rick Friedman, NESCSO developed a new S-TAG Charter, delineated the role of state and federal S-TAG participants and began facilitating monthly S-TAG calls. Additionally, the monthly calls provided an open dialogue between the regional representatives, individual states and their federal partners.

To foster improved communications throughout the country, the S-TAG developed a national directory of key contracts of the lead staff in MMIS, Eligibility and enrollment and HI-TECH areas.