New England States MMIS Services and Module Demonstrations – Vendor Questions & Answers

02/08/19 – UPDATE

Due to the high number of applications received the evaluation committee will be concluding their review early next week and have decided to postpone providing notifications until Wednesday February 13th.

In the meantime should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Vendor Questions & Responses – 01/22/19

Regarding questions 3.3 -” Does this module support non-MMIS solutions, including other public programs or commercial solutions?” Can you clarify what is meant by “support non-MMIS solutions”? Is this intended to ask if the module(s) in question serve as a non-MMIS solution, interface with a non-MMIS solution, etc.?

“Supporting non-MMIS solutions” refers to systems that are not currently used in the Medicaid environment but may be in place at other State agencies or programs as well as commercial enterprise.  The purpose of the question is to learn about modules that are not currently known to Medicaid and may benefit the program as well as assess the flexibility of the module to be configured and used in multiple settings.


Vendor Questions & Responses – 01/08/19

Will the inclusion of Case Studies and Marketing Type Materials count against the page limitations?

Applications can include marketing type materials and these materials will not be counted against the page limitations. Please note, however, that the Committee’s review process will be limited to the information requested and supplemental materials will be looked at only after decisions are made.

What are the evaluation criteria for the applications (e.g., scorecard)?

In general, invitations to participate will be based on:

  1. the modules or services that meet the needs of the majority of participating States
  2. modules that can integrate well with legacy systems and/or other modules
  3. modules that have been implemented in a setting – does not have to be Medicaid

One of the goals of this effort is to understand the current marketplace, therefore, we are taking a broader, flexible evaluation approach.

Vendor Questions & Responses – 01/07/19

How will the Planning Committee approach vendors who offer multiple modules versus vendors who offer only one? For example, Vendor A may use 2 hours to present a full suite of modules and Vendor B may use 2 hours to showcase a single module.

The application process is intended to highlight a specific module or service, not a specific company’s total offering. In the example provided, Vendor A and Vendor B will each be expected to highlight one module or one service during the presentation time allotted. 

 For Enterprise Data Storage Platform – is NESCSO looking a true storage platform or a data warehouse?

We are not looking for one over the other. The intent of the demonstration is to provide the State staff with a better understanding of the available services and modules. The basic need here is to understand the different module and services available that can support the enterprise data storage needs.

How many people should we expect in the demo breakout sessions and what roles would they represent – IT, programmers, directors?

We anticipate approximately sixty (60) State staff to participate in the demonstrations from a variety of areas (e.g., IT, directors, procurement). The number of participants in each demonstration will depend on the number of vendors selected to participate and the total number of sessions.

Will there be a TV/monitor for the breakout demo session? Can we bring multiple tablets to distribute for the demo?

We will provide an AV set up for each room with an LCD projector. All you will need to bring is a laptop. You may bring multiple tablets to help demonstrate your service/module. We will provide internet access for the demonstrations.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees from each vendor?

We have not determined if there will be a limit on the number of people a vendor can bring. Once the vendor selection process is completed we will make a determination.


Vendor Questions & Responses – 12/20/18

If your firm provides Electronic Data Interchange Services, we are interested in reviewing your proposals. Please select the Claims Processing Module and in response to question 3.1, identify that your firm offers this service. We believe the majority of the questions in Section 3 can gather pertinent information about EDI services. We do understand that EDI is not limited to claiming transactions.

The invitation indicates that you’re looking for demonstrations. Are you hoping for vendors to actually demonstrate applications live or just to talk about their solutions in these areas?
We are planning for vendors to do both.

If it’s a live demo, are other vendors invited to sit in on each other’s demos or who will be the audience?

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of discussions / presentations about our solutions, are you looking for panel type presentations, collaborations with state partners, etc.?
No. See the above question

I see that there will be no charge to firms selected to demonstrate. If a vendor isn’t chosen to demonstrate, is there still an option to send representatives? And if so, is there a registration fee to attend outside of the demonstration opportunity?
Only staff from vendors selected by the planning committee will be allowed to attend.

If our submitted application gets selected, can we assume we will be given a specific date/time within the 3-day range in April (22-24) for just our organization to come in and demonstrate directly to NESCO States and that no other vendors will be present during our presentation/demonstration?
Selected vendors will be assigned a date and time for the demonstration. Only staff from your organization will be allowed to participate in your session.


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