NESCSO proactively invests in State employees to improve the effectiveness of Health and Human Service agencies.

NESCSO helps State agencies improve the effectiveness of publicly funded health and human services by investing in State employees

State Employee Resources

The New England States Consortium Systems Organization (NESCSO) proactively invests in State employees to improve the effectiveness of Health and Human Service agencies. NESCSO strives to provide a diverse set of supports for our members, partners and employees to ensure they can accel at achieving outcomes. We provide training and professional development support to cultivate upcoming leaders in health and human services.

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NESCSO Member State Benefits

This section applies only to NESCSO Member State HHS staff seeking to utilize NESCSO member benefit funds for conference travel, training and professional development.


Pre-approval is REQUIRED for any NESCSO member benefit funds to be used or reimbursed. Please complete the pre-authorization request at the below link:  NESCSO Pre-authorization Form

Pre-approval requests should be submitted at least 30 days in advance.


A request can only be submitted if you have received an approval email through the pre-approval process. To seek reimbursement, please follow below instructions.

1. Collect all of your receipts and complete the following required form

NESCSO-2024-Expense Reimbursement Form-021524

2. Scan your reimbursement request, all receipts into a single document. Please save the file using your name and date of submission as the file name.

3. Upload your travel reimbursement document to our portal at:

NESCSO Reimbursement Submission Portal

Requests for reimbursement are processed on an ongoing basis and should be completed within 30 days of submission.

MESC Scholarship Reimbursements

This section applies to MESC Scholarship recipients seeking reimbursement of conference and travel costs for attending the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference. We are currently only accepting scholarship applications for this year’s conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Please visit us at our MESC website for more details.